2 thoughts on “Episode 4 Bill Johnson review

  1. Hi Steve and Rick,
    Thanks for putting all of this out as it is so helpful to me as I have just broken free from Bethel Church. Having listen to Bills teaching for years, and having just gone through Bethel Redding for last few months and before just getting out, I can tell you Bills messages are very enchanting and captivating, and seam very anointed at face value. He says things that sound like he is revealing the mysteries of the scriptures that are not understood by the common man. And a lot of what he says “sounds” and “feels” in line with scripture and enlightening at face value. Note that I used the words “sounds” and “feels”. While I was drawn into his teaching I found myself many times to be drawn deep into as state that was like a trance, like I was being enchanted by Bills words, this was before God awakened me in His Word. This is one of the big things of this movement that really actually scares more then anything is that this teaching feels and sounds scriptural, and is so captivating and is so enchanting that it is leading so many people astray. Many of these people are young and have a real passion for following the Lord which is frightening and sad. I am watching this happen right before my eyes here as it is rapidly moving into a lot of the Churches all around here in California. My close friends and now even my family is being drawn into this movement. I just pray the Lord opens their eyes. Once again, thank you for doing this and please continue. Craig

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