8 thoughts on “Episode 7 – Exclusive Interview with young lady rescued out of a NAR Church

  1. Thanks so much for this. It’s just so close to home for us. The NAR practise major spiritual abuse. We recently saw the apostacy and are still quite broken over it all. Praise be to our LORD for showing is the truth through HIS word!

    • Your story is testimony to God’s faithfulness, restoration and healing (not by way of a Bethel sozo course) are provided in the cross and what Christ accomplished for us!

  2. Thank the Lord for you, that I found you here. I am so much in need to hear this testimony, as I am right now going through this torment. I was invited to bethel church in California recently and have been going for a few months and I have been going through exactly what she is talking about right now. This has caused me to run to the Word of God, as the Word is my foundation, and is how I gauge my discernment. And what is happening in bethel church has tormented me in so many ways recently I don’t want to get into it all here but its really grieving me too. Close friends have been deeply drawn into this deception and now my family is being drawn into it. I deeply love these friends of mine and especially my family and I am trying to find away to approach them in love with this and praying the Lord opens their eyes. If you can remember me in your prayers I really need it. Thank you so much for your testimony. Craig

    • Thanks Craig, we know what you are experiencing!! Bethel has infiltrated many churches here in South Africa, and many folk are in the same position – families and friendships under strain due to the false doctrines of these NAR churches. We are praying for you, stand firm in the faith, we trust the Lord to use you to bring truth to those caught up in this deception. There are some articles in our blog posts that may help (in case you have missed them)




      • Rick,
        Thank you for such help and encouragement. I hope the lady who gave her testimony here really understands how important she is and how her testimony is helping me and will help so many others in getting free from this.
        I am going through the other podcasts you have put up on Bill Johnson’s teachings right now. And will check out those links you posted in reply. Thanks you and God Bless you. Craig

          • Thank you Rick. I will probably email you sometime shortly as there are things I need to tell you what I have been going through with this NAR movement, and things I need help with that I don’t feel comfortable posting for everyone to read just yet. Also, if possible, is there free online counselling based on the Word of God and helps people, like myself, who have been tormented and heartbroken while having to break free from these false teachers movements? I really need help in this area. I also know that there are others caught in this that need deep help. Craig

          • I understand, ideally you want to find a local body that can walk through all these issues with you. I know it might take time to find a church that teaches sound doctrine, but in the meantime there is so much you can do, beginning with studying the word of God in context. I don’t know of any free online counselling sources, but we are free and online. Let’s pick up this conversation via email whenever it suits you!

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