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  1. I have so far only listened to the first 20 minutes, but I have some thoughts. Whenever I encounter someone who recites “prayers” like the one attributed to Buchan, I’ve started mentally giving them the nickname, “The Boss of Satan.” They invariably attempt to speak to him instead of God when they are “praying,” and those “prayers” contain predictable language. I me me me me I are always the subjects of the verbs, and the verbs go far beyond “binding.” People have started getting really creative because they’re bored with the verb “bind” and they think they have a lot to bind. So they say other verbs along with it, ostensibly for more power. “I bind rebuke decimate smash pulverize you devil for your interference with my coffee machine and the policitcal landscape…” etc.

    Satan is a finite, fallen creature who is only place at a time, and he has a boss who speaks to him wherever he may be in the spiritual realm at any given time but we’re not He. God is Satan’s boss. If Satan decides to show up in your living room, by all means tell him to be quiet and leave. That is following Jesus’ pattern for dealing with demons, and he shares that authority with us. But do not cry our to Satan when you’re supposed to be praying to God.

    (I wrote a 5,000 word article on intercession if you or Steve are ever interested in reading it.)

    My first exposure to this stuff was a book someone gave me by Joy Lamb. It was filled with “prayers” like the Angus Buchan one. I had never seen stuff like that before, and I just thought, “But that’s not prayer…” and I got rid of it as useless. In actuality it’s dangerous, because a puffed up person gets encouraged by stuff like that, and the real spiritual problems in a difficult situation don’t get addressed.

    You are right that the battleground is in the hearts of men. Paul warned the Ephesians not to give the devil a foothold. If he has one, we can be sure someone has given it to him. Until they repent, that foothold will remain. Even if you are someone who is convinced that Paul is speaking entirely metaphorically, it makes sense that any ground given to sin must be relinquished in order for there to be change.

    I would say as a word of caution that just as Satan and the antichrist engage in supernatural behavior that tries to mimic the work of the Holy Spirit, the reason false teaching exists is to confuse the true. We are told that our weapons are mighty to the pulling down of strongholds. What we need is true teaching on the topic, but false teaching abounds. (Pun unintended.)

    There are two churches in my town where rebellion and manipulation in the leadership are serious problems. I know the situations very well, having spent 20 years attending them consecutively. The root of the problem is involvement with Freemasonry. If I were to stand outside the churches and command the spirit of Freemasonry to take a hike, I would be presumptuous for addressing an entity that God should address, and I would show myself ignorant of the fact that leadership needs to repent of its involvement before the evil will leave.

    This is where people might argue. If they met a Freemason outside of the church, they might say, sure, if they accept the gospel, it’s not inconceivable that someone like that might need to command evil spirits to leave them alone after renouncing the vows they made, since being a Freemason involves the occult as much as being a witch doctor. But when they meet unrepentant Masons in the church, they argue about whether evil spirits can be present in a professing Christian’s life. We cannot serve both God and another — that much they ought to acknowledge.

    A desire to control, manipulate, dominate, and intimidate are all hallmarks of rebellion and witchcraft. The sinful behavior needs to be repented of. If the person feels pushed and compelled when faced with temptation, it might be appropriate (if it is so discerned) to command any evil spirits present to leave. If the person made vows, they need to be renounced.

    I would say that Satan has a “stronghold” through Freemasonry where I live. The way for it to stop is for the leadership to listen to those who have spoken to them about their need for repentance, listen to the conviction of the Holy Spirit, and renounce the vows they made when becoming Masons. Until they do, they will continue to display the acts of the sinful nature that are the hallmarks of involvement in the occult.

    I do ask God to expose the problem and its root, but I don’t talk to the evil I have discerned to be there. I think that is the difference between the false teaching and the true. When a stronghold is discerned, how should we pray? Is our praying accompanied by repentance, and fasting, etc? Who are we praying to? Are footholds being relinquished through confessions and renunciation?

    When Daniel did the math and could see the time of exile was ending, humility was his action of choice. He was in a foreign country because of things his ancestors did. So he confesses his sins, and the sins of his people. Intercession is valid and important, but true teaching on the subject involves going before God in humility, and the acknowledgement of sin. False teaching has people going up mountains, shouting at the devil, walking around like dogs marking their territory, or engaging in demonic experiences where they are deceived into thinking they’re The Boss of Satan while they throw their weight around and then tell everyone about their experience and prophecy falsely about what they think will result.

  2. I finished listening to the rest..

    I’ve never heard of Buchan, but people like this always behave in the same way. I have visited many places with speakers who act like this. I think you will find similar characteristics in false teachers around the world, because there’s nothing new under the sun and people everywhere are sinners and their sinful natures find the same things appealing.

    God told Samuel that man looks at outward appearances, but he looks at the heart. God told Jeremiah that because what was about to happen to those around him, he should urge people to have right perspective — that the wise should not boast in their wisdom, the strong men should not boast in their strength, and the rich should not boast in their riches. He said if there’s going to be boasting, that it should be about the LORD, that he practices loving kindness, justice and righteousness, and that he delights in those things. Paul repeats that sentiment and urges the same perspective in his first letter to the Corinthians.

    Yet if you visit a church that does not easily or willingly boast in the Lord, what you find is a display of what impresses unregenerated man — an appearance of power that is supposed to impress in the absence of God’s power. So you walk in to hear a sound system turned up to 11, a pastor bellowing like Buchan, someone boasting in strength and often theatrics involving stomping, banging, things being broken for effect, etc. A mighty display of electrical power and vocal power and physical power are not equivalent to God’s power. But they settle for that, because those things manipulate the senses, and they want their listeners affected. Paul said the display of God’s power was what impacted his message, because his speaking was unimpressive. Knowing God’s power is lacking in their midst, these groups go for other displays they hope will impress the undiscerning. I know I’m in for an unpleasant time within seconds whenever I enter a church and the volume is way too loud.

    When it comes to manipulation, Buchan wasn’t just attempting to manipulate his listeners by telling them they can’t afford to miss ithe meeting and people will be healed, etc. He dares to attempt to manipulate God by thinking he can make something happen by arranging a meeting in one place of a million people. (Never mind that Jesus said the number of an effective prayer meeting was two or three gathered together in his name!) And he shouted several times, “God will honor his people! God will honor his people!” What presumption. I shudder when I hear people talk like that, because they show no fear of God. Buchan shows no concern that God be glorified, he instead promises that his attendees will be honored. He is making promises on God’s behalf he has no authority to make.

    If you put the right coins in the vending machine, you will get the soda! If a million people gather in one city for prayer, they will get what they ask!

    God is not manipulated. If Buchan wants to use his platform to speak, it should be for the gospel and to boast of the Lord. In these clips, he boasts of what he thinks he can get God to do at an event if enough people show up. God’s ways are not our ways, and his thoughts are not our thoughts. He is not impressed by the same things we are. What is highly esteemed in the eyes of men is detestable in God’s sight. That is an incredibly sobering statement. Buchan should proclaim the gospel and the things God actually delights in.

  3. After my comment, I decided to google Angus Buchan to see more of who is he is, since the clips are from 3 years ago. I saw that he does not understand the covenant Jesus invited all of humanity to enter through his blood. Perhaps someone should explain to him what “New Testament” means, and what Jesus was talking about during “the last supper”? Claiming Afrikaaners are the only ones having a covenant with God besides the Jews goes far beyond expressing some kind of assumption of racial supremacy — it shows he doesn’t even understand the basic gospel message of the new covenant or its explication in the book of Romans, etc.

    He and his wife getting covid 19 from a large prayer meeting that spread the virus just further underscores the problems highlighted in this video. His refusal to cancel a large gathering of internationals during a pandemic is irresponsible, but not surprising given his unbiblical views concerning large gatherings. “Christians” in the US who are equally indifferent to loving their neighbor through forgoing large assemblies are making themselves a stench in the nostrils of their communities.

    God have mercy.

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