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  1. Greetings,

    My name is Agripa Mabasa, I currently live in Neslpruit, Mpumalanga province. When I was still searching for a church here in Nelspruit I had a flatmate who loves the church CRC and would invite me to come along every Sunday, he would state that its totally different and ill have the experience of my life, I eventually gave in and went. I couldn’t believe how AT Bosshoff was manipulating scripture, what amazed me most is that the people would get excited, shout amen to all he said and they didn’t seem to know or mind that he was misquoting and misrepresenting the scriptures.

    I have since stopped visiting as I couldn’t stand it, I told my flatemate and his friends why I do not want to attend there and they just shrugged and said “well that’s your opinion” By the grace of God I have since found a good Bible teaching church here in Nelspruit (Nelspruit Bible Church), however I worry a lot about some of the people I have met at CRC and would like to request that you send me this recording and others related, so I can share it with them and others if possible. it would be of great help.

    Much appreciated,

    1. Hi Agripa, see our reply on your other comment, we have provided the links to our youtube channel, you should be able to download from there. Deception is a terrible thing, and so many are caught up in it. Be encouraged, the stand you have made is what we are called to do, be faithful to the Lord and his word. God bless you as you honour Him and contend for the faith.

  2. Hey guys, when’s the next review coming? Is it possible to maybe take one of his more recent sermons from their YouTube channel ‘Crc Ps At Boshoff’
    Thanks guys for what you doing. I never realised how underfed I was as a sheep there for 7years. I’ve joined a different – doctrinaly sound, expository teaching – church.
    My hope is for all my friends and people I’ve build strong relationships with at Crc who are still be blinded, to see the true gospel of Christ. I guess I just have to be patient and gentle in my approach because I’ve been in their situation and strongly defended my former beliefs just as they are now.

    1. Hi Moses, unfortunately one of us is now in the US, so due to schedules and other commitments we don’t have the time to do any more podcasts. Glad to hear you came out of CRC, you have the right approach towards your friends still caught up in that kind of deception!

  3. Thank you for this review.

    I hope to hear more from you about CRC.

    I have been a member there for more than 10 years but recently realised that Scripture is used out of context.

    However, knowing (about) At Boshoff for so long, I find it difficult to reconcile someone who works as hard as he does, with the thought of someone deceiving people for his own financial gain. I have heard about his small beginnings in Ladybrand and how that progressed to where CRC is today.

    Maybe because I’ve put so much trust in him for so long, and the church over the years, that this is a difficult pill to swallow. Do leaders like this knowingly deceive people, or are they oblivious to the fact that they’re not true to God’s Word?

    I think your quote accurately described a lot of church members: “your soul is entertained but your spirit is dying”.

    Another thing that really irks me is how people in the congregation pretend like he is a demi-god. They take every opportunity to say they “honour their spiritual te father and mother”, to the point where there was a social media campaign where congregants would share their testimonies and it would all be about how Boshoff, his teachings and CRC changed their lives – nothing about Jesus, repentance and sanctification or dying to self.

    Anyways. I’ve come to a point now where I actually feel guilty towards the people I have invited to the church who then were presented with a false gospel. I am trying to reach those now.

  4. Hi Johan, God knows whether At Boshoff is so deceived he actually believes he is speaking truth, or if he is intentionally deceiving people. Our task is to examine his teachings and compare them to scripture, and At Boshoff clearly fails the test. My partner in the podcast is abroad for a while, so we cannot do any further podcasts at this stage unfortunately. I would be happy to review any articles or books he has put out, but can’t seem to find any. If you know of any, please let me know.

  5. CRC’s annual conference, Dreamweek, is currently on in the Bloemfontein and Pretoria churches.

    One of the guest speakers is Marcus Lamb from Daystar Television broadcasting network..
    I listened to his one sermon and he said that the Lord has given him a message for CRC and then he proceeded to read the message which he had saved to his cellphone for the congregation. I just feel like reading something word for word and saying “thus sayeth the Lord” is very dangerous.

    Furthermore he stated that he once went into a coma for two hours in which he went to heaven (WARNING SIGNS!)

    Lamb also proudly proclaimed that Daystar is going to gift CRC R1.5m for their Johannesburg church building project.

    After listening to this sermon, I can’t believe that Boshoff, who I used to hold at high esteem, allowed Lamb to preach at his conference. But it’s all making more and more sense.

    Other speakers at the conference include:
    Charles Nieman
    Tommy Barnett
    Charlotte Gambill
    John Bevere
    John Hannah

  6. I will keep you guys in my prayers, for God to help you make better use of your time shame????

    Jesus loves you and it’s not too late for you guys to go back to your agod and consult with him as to how better can you make use of your time, there are Billions of people in this world that needs to here the Gospel of Jesus Christ, maybe if you guys could focus on reaching out to those people you would add value to the Kingdom of God.

    1. What you should have done, is show from scripture why the critique is wrong. But you didn’t, because you can’t. The self-help, therapeutic, motivational, and prosperity gospel does not save, it deceives, adding no value. I challenge you to read the article – “Book Review – Live a YES! life by At Boshoff” and tell me where the critique is at fault – using sound hermeneutics. I’ll expect silence on your part, please prove me wrong!

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