2 thoughts on “Episode 3 Hillsong Cape Town sermon review”

  1. Very true.
    These different gospels are all about them. Self centered gospels. Very far from the true gospel. Kingdom Dominion teachings… Jesus said His Kingdom is not of this world …
    No Bereans these days.. …
    They have heaped up for themselves teachers. God bless… keep up the good work.

  2. I don’t know who Phil Dooley is, but the behavior and the false teaching are all too familiar. You guys didn’t comment on this, but I’m sure you were as equally disgusted as I by their treatment of Jesus in Mark 8. This kind of behavior is unfortunately common in these circles. They say things they think are amusing, but they often reveal a lack of reverence and love for Jesus, which unfortunately suggests a lack of relationship.

    Apparently the polite term for the noise someone makes when clearing the throat or gathering phlegm is called a “throat-clear.” I’ll spare you the terms we use in North American English. Three times in the gospels, Jesus is recorded as using his spittle, once mixed with mud, to heal people mute or blind. This could provide thoughtful meditation on Jesus’ uniqueness as the Son of God in human flesh, similar to his declaration that virtue had gone out from him when the woman reached out and touched him purposefully in order to be healed.
    Instead, Mr. Dooley makes crass assumptions, attributes crass behavior to Jesus (in English, we would say spit “in” instead of spit “on” if someone were actually to do what Dooley describes), and all for cheap laughs at Jesus’ expense.

    Actually, I should say cheap “cackles” instead of “laughs.” The sounds you hear in an audience/ congregation during these kinds of presentations with this kind of “humor” really does sound like cackling rather than regular, relaxed human laughter. I’ve witnessed enough of it to have noticed the difference, and my one experience in witnessing what one leader tried to say was “holy laughter” (chapter and verse, please) as two women rolled around on the ground making eye contact with each other and then convulsing sounded for all the world like demonic cackling.

    Dooley should be ashamed on many levels for this kind of teaching, and should repent.

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