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  1. Hi Steve and Rick,
    Thanks for putting all of this out as it is so helpful to me as I have just broken free from Bethel Church. Having listen to Bills teaching for years, and having just gone through Bethel Redding for last few months and before just getting out, I can tell you Bills messages are very enchanting and captivating, and seam very anointed at face value. He says things that sound like he is revealing the mysteries of the scriptures that are not understood by the common man. And a lot of what he says “sounds” and “feels” in line with scripture and enlightening at face value. Note that I used the words “sounds” and “feels”. While I was drawn into his teaching I found myself many times to be drawn deep into as state that was like a trance, like I was being enchanted by Bills words, this was before God awakened me in His Word. This is one of the big things of this movement that really actually scares more then anything is that this teaching feels and sounds scriptural, and is so captivating and is so enchanting that it is leading so many people astray. Many of these people are young and have a real passion for following the Lord which is frightening and sad. I am watching this happen right before my eyes here as it is rapidly moving into a lot of the Churches all around here in California. My close friends and now even my family is being drawn into this movement. I just pray the Lord opens their eyes. Once again, thank you for doing this and please continue. Craig

  2. Hi guys,
    I am a South African (currently living in Burundi!) but I am married to an American and lived in the USA for 13 years. I was part of a small church made up of very sweet well intentioned people – but who had fallen hook line and sinker for every single NAR teaching! I was immersed in IHOP, TACF, Joyner, Bethel and more for 10 years. The result – was …. can you guess…. no revivals, no variable miracles (lots of good feelings ), 3 hour worship sessions, a very long tiring Sunday, broken marriage and festering sin.

    You guys covered A LOT in this discussion and it was all spot on.

    2 things to add:
    1. sin – in the NAR – you are not a sinner. And dare you say you are because as you confess you are a sinner -your confession will MAKE you sin more!! You must confess instead that you are a saint. The result – so much unconfessed sin! and people silently sinning all the time, broken marriage, secret alcoholism and porn addiction etc.
    2. works – since we are working so hard to “believe for healings” and dead raising and “lean in” and “push in” to the “spirit” for MORE, for revival, breakthrough, upgrade, acceleration and so on – it’s basically a works based mentality….work work work and eventually God responds to this. There is so much PRESSURE to perform in these circles that people just make stuff up – ALL THE TIME. People are exhausted, burnt out, striving. Their is envy and competitiveness and “anointing ranking” – you get ranked as higher if you shake and wiggle and ooh and aah and give “prophetic words” regularly.
    3. Sensuality – since there is a lob-sided (really weird) emphasis on intimacy (heralded by Mike Bickel’s “bridal paradigm” theology) – worship sessions have become “love sessions” – “loving on” our Jesus – like He is some sort of Holy boyfriend. The worship leaders sway back and forth – drawing such attention to their clothing and bodies. The chanting of 1 line over and over again becomes so strange and then before you know it – everyone is writhing on the floor or convulsing under the so-called influence of a Holy God. There is nothing reverent about it, it’s downright weird and instead of worshipping a Holy God, it’s like making God into a human super model who needs to be slathered with kisses. Yuck.

    Thanks so much for this podcast. Been listening to Fighting for the Faith for a while now and am so thankful to be out of the NAR!!! Trying to reason with my friends is tiring – the doctrines are so blinding. Never prayed for people so much in my life! Thankfully my husband and I are fully on the same page!

    May God bless and strengthen you guys to continue this work.

    1. Hi Caelene, thank you so much for your comment!!! As it is, I’m working on my next article – the effects of false teachings. I have a few points already, false teachings lead to sensuality, slavery, stumbling, sin, shipwrecking of faith, I might change a few things but that’s the just of it, and exactly what you have pointed out! Would love to hear how you came out of this, we are always willing to dedicate an article sharing the testimony of someone who came out of the NAR. If you are interested, send us an email – [email protected]
      Thanks again for the comment!

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